Technical Specifications


Length Size            :  2400mm, 2700 mm, 3000mm
Width Size              :  600mm and 900 mm
Thickness Sizes    :  50 mm, 75mm, 100mm

Facing Sheet Types

-   Fiber Cement Board
-   Asbestos Cement Board
-   Calcium Silicate Board


1. As the panels are light in weight structural designers can be calculate for lighter loads , can save structural steel cost.
2. As the panels have good sound insulation properties the external noise can not destruct inside the building, Specially when the building are located on mail road, or commercials establishments etc..
3. As the panels have good heat insulation properties the inside temperature is maintained low, compared to outside which reduce electricity consumption for air conditioning.
4. The panels have low moisture absorption powder, so walls are dry even during rainy days and fungus can not be developed, Life of wall cladding materials will increase.
5. There is no pollution making material in this panel, so it is a environment & eco friendly product.
6. Wall thickness can be constructed according to panel standard thickness.
7. These panels have good Impact resistance; compression strength, shear strength, so with light weight , a stronger building can be constructed
8. Lightweight wall panels are used in constructing clean‐rooms or sterile rooms. These lightweight walls are simple and fast to install when and where they're required. The walls and ceilings are constructed with the same materials and snap together to form rather tight seals


  • Prefab building and Structures
  • Dry wall interior and exterior partitions
  • Mezzanine Flooring
  • Compound Wall
  • Low cost residential buildings
  • Office and commercial establishments
  • Camp offices in terrain areas
  • Fire prone area related applications