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Welcome to Intra Wall Pannels :

Intra Industrial Technologies presents “INTRA WALLPANELS” a precast structural product made with all-natural raw materials.

INTRA WALL PANEL is the most cost effective and eco-friendly material substitute of traditional clay bricks. It has cost savings up to 30% in steel structure of building due to light weight, time saving, and increase in floor space area. Intra Wall panel is a user friendly product for installation and proves to be a better substitute for conventional walls and any other dry wall solutions.

Intra Wall panel come with unmatched quality, aesthetics, style and durability and is the ideal choice of smart & good looking interiors and exteriors. Intra panel have Fire, Water & Termite Resistance characteristics. Used for external as well as internal applications.

No Need of courting wall with water as traditional brick wall needs, Less labors requirement for application, Time saving, Can be applied in any structures like Residential, Commercials Buildings, Shopping malls, Corporate Offices, As mail wall, Partition Wall, Decorative panels, For Industrial Sheds, Farm Houses, Bungalows’ , And So On.

We, at INTRA, ensure that stringent quality checks are carried out at every stage of manufacture from raw materials testing to delivering the finished product. We believe in manufacturing quality products in a safe, ethical and eco friendly manner to achieve our goal of complete customer satisfaction.